What is Marshallized printing?

The prints with a unique texture that are made from our original pictures have gone through the Marshallized printing process. You may wonder what Marshallized printing is — people usually do. Well, the Marshallized printing process uses a special technique that gives the final print a special look.

I didn’t really feel like creating a new page to explain what Marshallized printing is, but I’ve been getting a lot of feedback saying, “Hey, I googled Marshallized printing but didn’t get any hits,” so finally I was persuaded.

The technique of Marshallized printing was invented and owned by the artist Marshall, who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Marshall is very talented guy and has many other unusual techniques up his sleeve. Marshall spent about five years inventing the Marshallizing process, and later taught us the steps. Isn’t that awesome? By the way, the only people who know how to make a Marshallized print are Marshall and us.

Sometimes I tell people that Marshallized printing is from Italy because Marshall looks as though he could be from Italy. Of course, he actually has nothing to do with Italy.


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