“We Believe in the Power of Art Therapy Healing.”

We at Daruma the Factory, Inc. are proud to announce our latest international cooperative project: The International Art Exhibition Management (IAEM). This is an incredible, one of a kind opportunity for young Japanese artists to collaborate directly with Daruma the Factory, Inc. executive creator Minatsu Ariga as she installs exciting new art exhibitions, on site, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Minatsu is the internationally renowned artist, educator, healing artist, art therapy pioneer and author who founded the acclaimed Circle Exhibition, which she has curated for the past seventeen years. Minatsu has earned many awards for her work both as an artist and as an educator. She holds advanced degrees in Japan and in the United States of America, including a Master of Fine Arts from Pittsburgh State University, a Master of Healing Arts from Lesley University and certificates of completion of Project Zero at Harvard University. Minatsu knows personally and has been directly mentored by art therapy titans Howard Gardner and Shaun McNiff, who have each recommended Minatsu for the elite 0-1 Visa status, as distinction she has maintained since 2009.

By special arrangement with Tohoku University of Art and Design, the Tokyo University of the Arts and several other elite art education institutes in Japan, the executive committee of Daruma the Factory, Inc. has authorized Minatsu to select several of the most promising young artists to participate in the IAEM program in 2013. Young artists healing the World, you alone are uniquely suited to participate. Please forward your application to Daruma the Factory, Inc. at the link below for consideration. A strong portfolio and statement of purpose is required. A proficiency in English is preferred.


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